About us

Elysian Feel is a fusion, funk/soul, R&B outfit based in New Orleans. We’re an amalgam of hip hop rhythms, jazz influenced harmony, and soulful melodies. Our songs are built on the foundations of old school Stax and Motown records, yet experiment with themes from jazz fusion, neo-soul, and psychedelic rock. We’re inspired by Stevie Wonder, Snarky Puppy, Frank Zappa, Fela Kuti, and Stanley Clarke among many others.

E·ly·sian  (ĭ-lĭzhən) adj.

1. relating to the Elysian Fields in Greek Mythology

2. being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods;  “an inspired performance” 

I think of Elysian Feel as more of a overarching statement about music herself, rather than a self-centered description. Its the sensation of hearing a song for the first time, and the uninhibited joy of a child banging on the keys of a piano. If we can share this feeling, as it has been shared with us, then perhaps we can live up to such a name.


Kendrick “Kendo” Magallanes Bass

From Santa Clara, CA. As well as killin’ it on the P bass, Kendrick is our Chief Head of Audio Engineering. We’re proud to be able to say we self produced our debut record, but it wouldn’t have been possible without this guy.

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IMG_5584Abner “Pants” Deitle

– Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Vox 

Most recently from Portland, OR, Abner has lived all over the country, including Bethel, Alaska and Fort Wayne, Indiana. You might also hear him playing in his jazz trio. Recently Abe got a tattoo of a monkey wearing pants. He’s probably the goofiest in our outfit, but arguably the most driven and hard working.

dmac14Spence Bailey – Guitar/Lead Vox

Straight up the river from Memphis, TN. Spence is our head of songwriting, drives the van, and is in the middle of a new years resolution to listen to all 62 Frank Zappa albums. Although some might say that he is the leader of the group, Elysian Feel considers itself to be more of a Utopian Socialist regime, in which all members contribute their unique skills/abilities.

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IMG_5551Dylan  Kidd – Guitar

Dylan is from San Jose, California. He’s missing a muscle in his right thumb and his mom is really cool. As well as playing guitar, he dabbles in drums and bass, as well as producing his own beats.


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IMG_5451Dylan Seals –Drums

Yet another Dylan, but this time he’s from Long Island, NY. He’s a sucka for hip hop beats, takes pretty photos, and is allergic to orange cats meow.

He produces beats too! soundcloud